The crisp misty air, the varied landscapes, the gushing waters that travel from the glaciers above and pristine natural beauty etch Kashmir in both the memories and the imagination of man.

Nestled between the Great Himalayan and the Pir Panjal mountain range, Kashmir has a variety of terrains ranging from lakes, snow-capped mountains and coniferous hills to glacier fed rivers.

On one hand, Kashmir is covered with wild untouched terrain and on the other, there are fields of saffron and orchards of apples. The variety of flowers, in full bloom, are spectacular.

The bounty of landscapes in Kashmir naturally provides for the bounty of nature’s produce.

Enticing cold temperatures with snowfall nurtures a variety of apple orchards, vast fields of saffron as well as an array of fruits like figs and peach and dry fruits like Walnuts and Mamra Almonds.

Raw Acacia Honey is a delicacy, very special to Kashmir.

From Heaven on Earth

Kashmir is known as Heaven on Earth because it is blessed with the Beauty and Bounty of Nature.

We, at Poshtaé recognize that bounty always receives its value from the manner in which it is bestowed. Hence, it is our mission to preserve nature’s bounty in Kashmir while we reach out to the world with it. We celebrate all the gifts nature makes available to us and acknowledge the need for good stewardship to preserve its fruits for future generations.

As Kashmiris, we are proud of our “Heaven on Earth”. We are keen to make sure you get the best that Kashmir has to offer. Hence our products are pure, natural, untouched, and raw.

We make sure that Nature’s Bounty for good health, that was hitherto exclusive to Kashmir, reaches you the way it reaches all Kashmiris.

Poshtaé brings you a taste of “Heaven on Earth”.

What does Poshtaé mean!

Poshtaé is an incredibly unique expression often used to replace the quotidian greeting with something more special, to connote the presence of positive events and feelings.

Poshtaé also means foreboding /wishing abundance on the occasion.

The meaning and use of the expression is guided by the feelings present in the conversation, usually euphoric or celebratory ones.

Greetings for choosing Poshtaé

After all in Kashmiri, Poshtaé means Greetings!


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